Q: I know what colours I like, but I'm not sure if they'll work in my room. What do I need to think about before I choose a paint scheme?

A: As Dulux's resident agony aunt, this is the sort of question I get asked a lot. The main rule is that there are no rules – at Dulux, we believe in making your home a deeply personal and unique environment – but if you need a few pointers to get you started, I'd be happy to oblige…

1. Draw your inspiration from the things you love and what interests you, including any hobbies or perhaps colours you like to wear.

2. Consider a palette that reminds you of a happy memory, like a seaside holiday or a weekend walk in the countryside, and then capture the spirit of these destinations in your home. Our Travels in Colour range does just that, giving you the opportunity to use a combo of two or more colours from the specially selected palettes (see our Day at the Beach palette above). They're designed to work in harmony with one another, so you can’t go wrong.

3. If you want to add a little personality to a space without overpowering it with colour, think about combining a main, neutral shade with an accent colour; this could be a feature wall, an alcove, or a door.

4. If painting your main walls isn’t feasible, try experimenting on a smaller scale with projects such as photo frames, chairs or other accessories using our Made by Me furniture paint. This is also a good way of playing around with different colour combinations first before you tackle a whole room.

5. Working around an existing item within your home? Then I'd suggest using the Visualizer App which allows you to pick colours from these existing items and provides colour matches and schemes to go with it. Then you can have fun and use the app to visualise these colours via virtual reality to help make that final choice.

Happy Colouring!

Order tester pots of all our range online now, or check out our Travels in Colour range for inspiration.

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