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Changing Rooms is back! Here’s everything you need to know


Everyone’s favourite home makeover show from the 90s is getting a 2021 reboot, with a new cast (don’t worry, Laurence is still very much on board) and (ahem) a new paint sponsor. Read on to meet the ultimate décor “It Gang” and for the inside track on what to expect from the new series.

Designer: Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

Where you’ve seen him before: Interior Design Masters 2020, Celebrity Painting Challenge 2019 and the original Changing Rooms from 1997-2002.

His aesthetic: Theme park meets more-is-more maximalism. 

Style trademarks: Jewel colours, sumptuous fabrics and a historical reference or two (and that’s just his outfits).

What we can expect from him on the show: There’s nothing wishy-washy about a Laurence-designed room, packing a strong visual concept – from “James Bond-inspired gun barrel master bathroom suite” to “Millennium Falcon home cinema” – with colour, pattern and even an original LLB painting (Laurence has a degree in Fine Art). And what to expect from the leonine-haired designer himself? Lots of opinions, an OTT wardrobe and witty wisecracks.

Favourite colour: Any shade that doesn’t look dull or washed-out. Laurence is on a mission to “Make Britain Bright Again”.

How he’s feeling about the new show: “It’s taken quite a lot of coaxing to get me under the Changing Rooms banner once more, but nothing like as much coaxing as it’s going to take to squeeze into those leather trousers again!”.

Designer: 2LG Studio, helmed by creatives Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead.

Where you’ve seen them before: All over Instagram and Pinterest, charming their audience daily with their #makinglivinglovely philosophy. You’ve probably also spotted their interiors featured in design bibles like Elle Decoration, Vogue and Living etc.

Their aesthetic: “Joyful minimalism”, a phrase they coined to describe their pared-back room schemes, uplifted with exuberant colour and detail.

Style trademarks: Statement furniture in curvy, organic shapes and playful paint effects in lively shades.

What we can expect from them on the show: Both designers have a background in theatre, so they know how to bring drama to a room-from a design point of view, that is. Their vibe is collaborative and upbeat, promoting a design style that is “about empowerment, kindness and pride, making homes that lift your spirits and facilitate your best life.”

Favourite colour: Judging by their Instagram feed, it’s a three-way draw between deep blush pink, lavender and turquoise.

How they’re feeling about the new show: “Our childhood selves are mind-blown to be part of the new Changing Rooms and, as designers, we are beyond excited to take on this challenge.”

Host: Anna Richardson

Where you’ve seen her before:
 Interviewing celebrities on ITV’s Big Screen, sparring with the Loose Women panel, or hosting headline-grabbing shows like Naked Attraction and Super Shoppers.

Her approach: Fun, friendly, calm and collected-qualities that will come in handy when she’s ringleading the Changing Rooms design circus.

How she’s feeling about the new show: “What an honour to be joining the Changing Rooms team, one of my favourite shows from when I first started in TV! This series is an absolute classic and I can’t wait to see the designs of the legendary Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and the brilliant Jordan and Russell of 2LG come up with for our homeowners. Let’s get that house swapping started!”.

Carpenter and joiner: Tibby Singh

Where you’ve seen him before:
 Crowned BBC’s Carpenter of the Year back in 2012, Tibby works as a property developer and a fantastic carpentry influencer, offering equipment reviews and joinery tutorials to his thousands of followers.

His approach: Resourceful, fun and musical – we’ve heard that he can play a tune with his saw!

How he’s feeling about the new show: “I’m humbled to be part of Changing Rooms which is such an iconic TV show! I’m privileged to be working alongside Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and 2LG to create some amazing makeovers and bring their designs to life. Touch wood everything goes to plan!”.


The paint expert: Marianne Shillingford, Dulux’s Creative Director and our in-house “Dr Dulux”. She’s a master of colour and at “unpicking decorating techniques that look complex and impressive and making them easy for everyone to have a go”.

Where you’ve seen her before:
 All over our channels, from coaching Clara Amfo as she painted a feature arch in her living room to revealing the Dulux Colour of the Year every autumn.

How she’s feeling about the new show: Beyond excited. “Fun, fast-paced, inspiring and full of drama, the 90s show sparked a revolution of creative colour and design that transformed the chore of decorating into everyone’s favourite weekend pastime. We need this show right now, a return to home being the place where we can really express ourselves with everything from paint to parquet flooring and have a total ball doing it.”

The Dulux dream team: Dulux Select decorators Steph, Mike, Emma and Georgie.

Where you’ll find them:
 On all of the Changing Rooms sets, bringing the designers’ wildest décor fantasies to life through a mixture of hard graft, resourcefulness and countless litres of paint, along with-fingers crossed-some lively opinions of their own.

Steph Howles: The ultimate “safe pair of hands”, Steph is super experienced and a brilliant ambassador for Dulux, coaching new Select members and promoting the profession to women.

Mike Katembela: Mike has built up a very loyal client base in St Albans thanks to the care he puts into his work and his legendary cheerfulness.

Emma Gill: Emma deploys her artist’s eye to choose captivating colours and create murals for her customers in Cornwall.

Georgie Baker: Georgie is an all-rounder – an excellent tradesman delivering high standards and winning industry awards, as well as inspiring the next generation to join the trade. 

To book a Select Decorator or find out more about the scheme, visit our hub.

For more Changing Rooms fun, head over to our social channels where we’ll bring you the best laughs, inside scoops, and colour and decorating inspiration from the show.

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