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Ask Dr Dulux - I'm painting the outside of my house. Where do I start?

Find the colours to express your style and make the most of your property

Step #1 - The key questions


1 - How big is your house?

Calculate the area to paint by multiplying the approximate width by the height, deducting windows and doors. Then visit dulux.co.uk to work out paint quantity.

2 - What condition is it in?

Have a closer look: is there crumbling masonry or rotten woodwork to fix? This will take time to repair, so factor that into the schedule, too.

3 - Is the job complicated?

Before you start, assess obstacles like doors, windows, fences and hedges, which could slow the project down or require safety scaffolding

4 - What's the weather like?

It’s obvious that you can’t paint in the rain, but all types of extreme weather are best avoided, as they can affect the way paint dries and the finish.  

Step #2 - When to go pro


Getting the outside of your house done properly can seriously improve your kerb appeal. A decorator can deliver a better finish in less time, but doing it yourself can save money and lets you control the schedule. When deciding, it’s worth considering what repair work is required and any health and safety factors, as well as your own skill set. Long ladders and scaffolding are best left to the experts! 

Step #3 - Your exterior paint palette


The outside of your house is the first thing people see, so pick your palette from the Dulux Weathershield range to turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Think about the style and era of the building: traditional or country can be updated with chalky or pastel shades; while greys and neutrals bring classicism to modern designs; for Victorian or Edwardian, consider heritage-inspired shades of grey, cream or pale blue, befitting their period. 

To create a sense of flow, echo the colours used inside – because there’s more natural light outside, you can go a couple of shades darker than you might indoors. 

 Look to your neighbourhood for colour inspiration, from brickwork to trees. There are 19 shades in the Dulux Weathershield Smooth Masonry range and 6 Dulux Weathershield Textured Masonry paint shades – something to suit all styles.

Use outdoor lighting to enhance exterior paintwork in the evening: yellow-amber bulbs mute blues and greens and make oranges and yellows more vivid; white lights resemble natural light, keeping your walls bright by day and night.

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