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Ask Dr Dulux: Can you let me in on the secrets of the pros?

We asked a selection of professional Dulux Select Decorators to lift the lid on their closely guarded secrets – keep them to yourself...

1.“Dispense your paint into a paint kettle instead of dipping your brush straight into the tin. It’s easier to handle on a ladder, and it’ll stop the whole can getting contaminated by air or floating dust.”

Steph Howles, Showhomes, Dulux Select Decorator


2. “Get two jobs done in one go with a vacuum sanding kit – affordable sanding blocks that attach to your hoover and pick up particles as you go, for dust-free surfaces.”

Craig Hainey, Ultimate Decor, Dulux Select Decorator


3.“Getting a good finish is 80% preparation and 20% perspiration, so remember to give yourself time to prepare, do the job, and clean up after. Even if you only do one wall a day, you’ll get better results.”

Steve Dove, Steve Dove & Co., Dulux Select Decorator 


4. “If you’re painting the gutter to match your masonry, make sure you clear it out completely to avoid trapping dirt in the paintwork. Cut off the top third of a plastic milk bottle, then use it as a mini shovel to scoop out any debris – quick and easy!”

Des Cass, D Cass & Son Decorators, Dulux Select Decorator


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