Easy, fast & clean from start to finish.

Using a Dulux PaintPod is much quicker and easier than using a traditional roller and tray, with none of the time wasting, messy paint pouring and roller reloading.

The combination of the specially formulated PaintPod emulsion and the PaintPod application technology allows just the right amount of paint to be applied when the roller trigger is squeezed to ensure a perfectly smooth, even finish.

Even painting ceilings isn’t a chore. There's no need for maneuvering up and down a ladder to refill the roller tray as the delivery tube can extend up to four metres - extension tools are also available if required.

Dulux Paint Pod
  • Dulux Paint Pod


    Mains powered and about the size of a conventional cylinder vacuum cleaner, the self-cleaning Dulux PaintPod Roller System is so quick and easy to use, you can now give a room a fresh new look in just a few hours.

  • Dulux Paint Pod

    PaintPod compact

    The clever new PaintPod Compact has been designed to attach straight onto the PaintPod emulsion pack, so there’s no messy pouring. Its compact size is perfect for those with smaller spaces and limited storage.


The PaintPod emulsion is specially formulated to give optimal flow through the system, splatter-free application and an ultra smooth finish. The matt emulsion for walls and ceilings comes in a unique pack, which just drops into the PaintPod Roller System, and is available in the following contemporary colours.

The specially formulated Dulux PaintPod Silk emulsion is available in the following colours.

  • Dulux Paint Pod


    Need extra reach for that high ceiling? Or having trouble getting into those tricky corners? With our range of PaintPod accessories we’ve got it covered.

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  • Dulux Paint Pod

    Spare Parts

    Everything you need to maintain your Dulux PaintPod.

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