Red inspiration

Red inspiration - rose, scarlet, cherry, ruby, candy


From the deepest ruby red to delicate dusky pink, this colour area can create very different moods depending on the tone you use.

Reds are often described as the most passionate, full of desire, rage and courage. Pinks can be soft and subtle, with demure and delicate qualities or shocking and vivacious when stronger tones are used.

Reds and pinks are often associated with being feminine with make up tones like lipstick reds and soft pink blushes through to bright princess pinks.

Red can be used to create a vibrant focal point. A very seductive colour which can create a feeling of luxury. Deep reds first came into interiors back in the Victorian era, as a statement of grandeur in dining rooms, libraries and picture galleries.

In the home, reds and pinks can be used in a variety of spaces from living and dining rooms through to bedrooms to create a warm, inviting space.

Red colour palette examples and uses in the home