Orange inspiration

Orange inspiration - copper, auburn, peach, ginger, terracotta


Orange is embracing and inviting. Like red, it has strength and offers stimulation but with more of a care free spirit. Its uplifting and warm tones create a playful palette. Orange combines the passion and energy of red with the joy and happiness of yellow.

Orange represents change, from day to night displayed with beautiful sunsets and from Summer to Autumn with the baking sun to falling leaves.

Orange can be used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere especially with burnt oranges. Familiar shades like earthy terracottas are perfect for creating a welcoming and warming feeling which work particularly well in social spaces like living rooms and kitchens.

The softer side of oranges like apricots and pale peaches are even friendlier and more soothing. These shades are less flamboyant than strong, robust oranges but they still bring energy into your home.

Orange colour palette examples and uses in the home