Neutral inspiration

Neutral inspiration - plum, aubergine, lavender, lilac, amethyst


Defining true neutral shades is tricky because a large number of colours we know as neutrals have undertones of other colours like red, blue or green. However, neutrals are a colour family in their own right and are now extremely popular in interiors and fashion design.

Neutrals have become so well loved due to their amazing versatility and flexibility in making spaces look more contemporary or classic, chic or cosy. They are easy to live with and provide the perfect canvas for all the things you love. Neutrals are often used because of their ability to provide a relaxed atmosphere in your home as they are undemanding, easy to live with shades.

Neutrals are often split into two types; warm neutrals such as brown, tan and beige, and cool neutrals like white, silver and grey. Cool neutrals are perfect for creating pretty, lacy style bedrooms or ultra contemporary kitchens and living rooms. Warm neutrals are so flexible and work well in any space particularly where warmth and relaxation is desired.

Neutral colour palette examples and uses in the home